Your Heroic Role


There’s a lot of work to be done and you are just the person to do it.  The biggest challenge we have ever faced is now here. The good news is, there is still time for you to make a tangible and historic difference just by doing three simple things –

Show Up.

Speak Out.

Seize YOUR Power!

The oil, coal and gas companies are  hoping you stay home, shut up and roll over.  When you Show Up. Speak Out. And Seize YOUR Power – nobody and nothing can stop you.  Every fossil fuel company in the dirty energy business lives in quaking fear of what YOU will do and when YOU will do it.   

South Bay 350 Climate Action Group invites you to take immediate action, right here and right now by declaring your support for a livable climate.  Just take 15 seconds to send us your name and email.

We’ll keep you informed and armed with the facts to help you squash the lies climate deniers all parrot.  And we’ll never sell, rent or share your name.

Then please take another 15 seconds and add your name to our petition – We’re calling for our South Bay Beach Cities to divest from fossil fuel holdings over the next five years.  It’ll be the smartest financial decisions our cities ever make:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001

Now that you’ve accomplished so much in only half a minute, you’re on a roll, so why not play a role with South Bay 350 by becoming one of our volunteers?  It’s only the most important and rewarding work you’ll ever do.

If you love awesome battles that give you the opportunity for epic wins that change the course of human history – this is for you.  

If you yearn to unite with your fellow forces of good as we fight to stop reckless evil and rouge enemies from harming everything we love and care about – then join us, play a role in one of these key areas and seize YOUR power!

  • Events Committee
  • Outreach Committee – Every community group, organization, fraternal order, club, schools, business in the South Bay
  • Social Media Team – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn, Vine, etc.
  • Membership Mavens
  • Creative Services – videos, memes, photography, graphics, posters, signs, banners, writing
  • South Bay 350 Students Climate Action Group
  • South Bay 350 Surfers Climate Action Group
  • South Bay Divestment Campaign
  • Stop Hermosa Oil Campaign
  • No Power Plant Campaign

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