Meet Our Newest Organizer – Damien Luzzo!

Please join us in welcoming our newest South Bay Los Angeles 350 Organizer to the team.  Meet Damien Luzzo, who we are VERY excited to have bring his talents to the South Bay.


Over the past four years, Damien has dedicated the majority of his time working to ban fracking and other forms of extreme oil & gas extraction in California. He has been a member of Californians Against Fracking since the organization began.

Since graduating from college with degrees in Physics and Philosophy, Damien has immersed himself into activism, been heavily involved in politics, and even started a non­profit solar organization. But his passion in life has always been rooted in the fight for social and environmental justice.

Damien is  prepared to take on the challenges and responsibilities of being a South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group Organizer, and he has the experience and skills necessary to be an effective asset now when we need him most.  Among his relevant experience for the work ahead is his role as the Lead Organizer on the California Fracking Pledge of Resistance.

Damien will be now heading up our #ShutItAllDown Refinery campaign and brings years of experience in Northern California working on refinery issues.

As a member of the Sunflower Alliance, a coalition of activists and organizational leaders in the Bay Area  Damien worked on local climate justice issues including climate education, tar sands resistance, fighting crude-­by-­rail projects, refinery expansions, etc. He also worked with residents from Benicia, Martinez, Rodeo, Richmond, and Pittsburg to resist the expansion of tar sands refining and crude-­by-­rail infrastructure in the Bay Area.

Now Damien will be working with the residents of the South Bay and Harbor Areas of Los Angeles to phase out the 6 refineries in our midst.

If you’d like to reach out to Damien to welcome him aboard or volunteer to work on our new Refineries campaign for the year ahead you can reach him at

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