Manhattan Beach Mayor Amy Horworth and the Manhattan Beach City Council invite you to come to Manhattan Beach on Saturday, March 29 to experience the exciting and uplifting vision as the MB 2025 100% renewable energy vision goes live for the first time.  The MB2025 Forum features a fast-paced, two-hour community forum followed by an inspiring and attention-getting physical demonstration of our passion and resolve for a brighter future.

It all starts with –

The MB 2025 Forum

A fast-paced, TEDx-inspired two-hour conference/forum at the Joslyn Center focused on learning, enlightenment, inspiration, empowerment and engagement with an audience of elected representatives, community leaders, business leaders, thought leaders, and most importantly, local citizens.  The Future Forum will feature leading-edge subject matter experts on the benefits and process of transforming our fossil fuel-based society into a 100% renewable energy powered civilization.  Our Forum will focus on Manhattan Beach taking the leadership role in a Future Fast Forward.  It will be streamed live on-line.

Forum Agenda 

1.  Host Welcome and Introduction – Mayor Amy Howorth  welcomes the audience, introduces the City Council and special VIP guests, gives an overview of the MB2025 vision, the agenda and the speakers.  Mayor Howorth reminds everyone about the “Light Up Your Future,” Earth Hour event tonight on the Pier.

2.  Here We Go! 100% RenewableHosted by Diane Moss – Co-Founder, Renewable 100 Policy Institute – Diane introduces us to the Policy Institute and their mission. She updates us on the movement to go 100% renewable, what that means, what other cities around the world have committed to, How they are doing it, how it’s possible, how we begin today. Includes video clips from Mayors of other cities going 100% renewable energy. [Biography]

3.  We Have The Power Today, Community Choice AggregationHosted by Cordel Stillman, Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA)and Sonoma Clean PowerCommunity Choice Aggregation (CCA) enables California cities and counties – or groups of cities and counties – to supply 100% clean electricity to the customers within their borders.  Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) is the new, locally controlled electricity provider in Sonoma County. They provide everyone in participating cities the option of using power generated by renewable sources, like solar, wind and geothermal, at competitive rates. SCP is a not-for-profit agency, independently run by the Sonoma County cities that have joined the program, including Windsor, Sonoma, Cotati, Sebastopol, and Santa Rosa, as well as all of the unincorporated areas in the county.  SCP invests locally to support Sonoma County renewable power and local jobs, and also around California to get the most affordable sources of clean power. SCP will begin offering service to the first group of 20,000 customers in May 2014. [Biography]

4.  Distributed Power To The PeopleHosted by Robert Metcalf, Take Back The Grid – What is Distributed Generation, how do we get it here and why would we want it?  How well does solar PV work at the beach? Isn’t the desert better for solar PV? What are the costs and considerations of generating your own rooftop or backyard PV solar electricity and hot water energy?  Reliability and effectiveness – how well do solar panels work and how long do they last? Do they take a lot of maintenance or service? Buying verses leasing, how do I know which is better for me? Crowd funding and the Solar Mosaic model of investing in and paying for solar projects.  Take Back The Grid’s “renewable financing for renewable energy” proposal and how it could help Manhattan Beach go 100% renewable energy powered. [Biography]

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5.  Finding the Money to Finance Energy EfficiencyHosted by Nathalie Gonzalez Nestor, Design-Manage-Sustain, USGBC, South Bay Co-ChairReducing your energy load by making efficiency improvements is the first step and biggest bang for the buck in transitioning to MB2025. But lack of capital for homeowners, business owners and cities to implement energy projects keeps them from moving forward. We’ll explore the many types of financing available including Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (PACE), On-Bill Financing and Lease Financing. [Biography]

6.  Charged Up Over Electric Cars Introduced by Chris Paine, Director of “Who Killed the Electric Car” and “Revenge of the Electric Car.”  Hosted by Paul Scott, Founding Member of Plug In America – How zero emission electric cars provide the fossil free transportation solution today and how charging them from solar power makes them the cleanest alternative.  How much they cost to buy, to lease and to charge up.  How much can you save, how far do they really go?  [Biography]

7. Creating More Livable, Bikeable and Walkable Streets – Our Healthier Blue Zone Future – Hosted By Andrea Giancoli, Beach Cities Health District Blue Zones Project Policy Analyst on the physical and mental health benefits, the impact on community happiness quotient and lifespan, and what a more livable Complete Streets version of Manhattan Beach 2025 looks and feels like. [Biography]

8.  What The Latest Climate Science Findings Tell Us About MB2025 – A special written message from Dr. Michael E Mann, Distinguished Professor of Meteorology 
Director, Earth System Science Center at Penn State.  Dr. Mann provides the latest update on climate change impacts what the newest research tells us is coming, and why he supports the transition to 100% renewable energy.  [Biography]

8.  Earth Hour, The Clock Is Ticking & The Carbon Budget Is Running Out – Featuring video messages to MB2025 by Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org (confirmed),The Climate Reality reasons we need a sense of urgency to switch to 100% renewable power by 2025.  Current climate change impacts, latest reports, and a simple, accessible explanation of the remaining carbon budget and how long it will take to use it up.  What happens if we go over our carbon budget? [Biography]

9.  Henry Waxman Climate Champion AwardCongressman Henry Waxman will accept the first annual Henry Waxman Climate Champion Award live via prerecorded video and make remarks. Mayor Amy Howorth, the Manhattan Beach City Council will present the award. [Biography]

10.  Closing Remarks – Getting to MB2025 – The Mayor closes with a recap of the vision for MB2025, next steps for those ready to begin today and an invitation to join the community at the Pier for a special Earth Hour event.

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