Where We’re Going

With only 565 gigatons of carbon able to be burned before we reach a planet altering 2 degrees Celsius increase in global temperature we have roughly 15 years left until we reach that threshold to catastrophe.  

But the fossil fuel industry – the oil, coal and gas companies – have 2,795 gigatons of carbon in their inventory they are committed to burning regardless of what harm that does.  

Do the math.  The climate reality dictates that 80% of all fossil fuels currently in the ground, under the sea and in the mines must stay there, unburned, sequestered forever.  This means we must rapidly approach a fossil free era.  

You may wonder how that can even be possible – just as people throughout history have wondered how they would change to save themselves – just before they do.

One way is for colleges, cities and counties, unions and individuals to divest their fossil fuel holdings  by supporting 350.org’s Fossil Free divestment campaign

CLICK above to find out all about the divestiture campaign nationwide

CLICK above to find out how we’re divesting nationally and right here LOCALLY

South Bay 350 Climate Action Group is looking to do a lot more than just divest our cities, institutions and individuals from investing their money in oil, coal and gas stocks but also to physically  divest our communities of the fossil fuel industries in our neighborhoods.  That’s why we support the Stop Hermosa Beach Oil and the Redondo Beach No Power Plant groups and their missions.  Find out more by clicking on their logos below:



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