South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group

Refuse. Resist. Revolt.


Six oil refineries.

The largest shipping ports in the USA.

Los Angeles International airport.

All within a dozen miles of South Bay Los Angeles 350’s offices.


The worst air pollution and most related deaths and health damage of any place in the United States right here in Wilmington, San Pedro, South L.A., East L.A. and all the neighborhoods surrounding the toxic operations and on the routes of their cancer-causing diesel powered truck traffic.


And now the champion of toxic emissions, the cheerleader for unregulated industries free to destroy a livable climate, drinkable water and breathable air has conned his way into the White House and our slim chances to meet the Paris climate goals have evaporated along with our nation’s planned support and cooperation with those goals.

And you want to know what the hell do we do now.

And it’s especially freaking you out because you were sucker-punched and didn’t see this roundhouse kick to your face coming.

You thought you had this election figured out and that your biggest problem would be holding Hillary’s heels to the fire so she would continue to feel The Bern on ending fossil fuel use, building out our renewable energy infrastructure and expanding on Obamacare with single payer Medicare-for-all.

And now that’s all just a fantasy and your worst nightmare just became your next four years of reality and you have no crisis management plan for that.

No coping mechanism.

No plan B.

Yeah, we get it.  We know how you feel.

But we DO have a big picture plan.

We know what direction we need to go and we’re ready to stop grieving and start moving.

And now we’re asking YOU to throw down and join us to Refuse, Resist and Revolt.

Here’s what we’re talking about:


  • To be quiet, or to go away, or to accept defeat.
  • To believe you are alone, or marginalized or insignificant. We are in fact multitudes and we are mighty enough to change the course of history .
  • To obey in advance.  Anticipatory obedience to repressive and fascist governments gives away the people’s power to totalitarians.
  • To allow the degradation or destruction of what you love and hold dear.


  • The urge to give in or give up – Choose to fight back!  When we fight, we win.
  • Publicly and loudly all fascist, racist and hate-driven ignorance wherever you find it.
  • All orders, policies or direction you know are dangerous to our health, safety and welfare.


  • Against any and all attempts to scale back or eliminate the protections, regulations and policies we put in place to protect the vulnerable, the poor or the powerless.
  • Against plans and actions that sabotage all our efforts to address climate change.
  • Against legitimatizing unjust, corrupt and fraudulent regimes who lie to, cheat and oppress the people.

You are already revolted by what’s happening and you know that escalation is your only moral response.

The time has come for you to stand and be counted on for direct action. There are no better angels being summoned by those who have taken power.

If not now, when?

If not here, where?

If not YOU, who?

We don’t want your money. Donate dollars to those who need them more.

We need your input, we need your time, we need your commitment and we need your heart, soul and courage.

We are ready to lead and we are ready for you to step up and lead side by side with us.

Each of us has something to contribute, all contributions are valuable and necessary.

Together we cannot be stopped if we seize the moment and the power we already have.

We will be meeting in person in January and we need you there to join us and find your place in the bold, aggressive and relentless climate action we will now be taking.

We are not devastated or demoralized – we are ready to defend and protect what we love and cherish by fighting for what we know is right.

We are unbeatable if we have YOU at our side.

Last Night’s Candidate Environmental Forum in San Pedro

L.A. Harbor Area Environment Gets Justice Spotlight in Only Candidates Forum for Frontline Disadvantaged Communities


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 1, 2016

Media Contact: Joe Galliani, South Bay Los Angeles 350

(424)275-5528 /

L.A. Harbor Area Environment Gets Justice Spotlight in Only Candidates Forum for Frontline Disadvantaged Communities

Local environmental groups come together, create event to put candidates on the record

San Pedro, CA – All four major candidates running for US Congress and California State Senate seats from the Los Angeles Harbor area claim to be environmentalists. On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 they’ll get a chance to prove it at a public Candidate Environmental Forum being held in San Pedro’s legendary Ports O’ Call Restaurant from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

CBE Action, Wilmington Improvement Network, California League of Conservation Voters and South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group are jointly co-sponsoring the free public forum because the environmental justice groups are determined to have an open public event dedicated to the unique issues facing the harbor area.

Candidates running for the 44th US Congressional District seat and the 35th California State Senate District seat, which both represent the L.A. harbor area were invited but only candidate Nanette Barragan running for Congress in the 44th  and Warren Furatani running for the State Senate’s 35th agreed to participate.

That was enough for the sponsoring organizations whose mutual mission is to make sure the issues of refinery safety, the Tesoro expansion, fracking, tar sand and coal trains, pollution and climate change impacts and solutions, environmental justice, green jobs, Just Transition, and switching to 100% renewable energy are publicly addressed.

“The communities most impacted by multiple sources of pollution coming from the refineries, oil extraction, port activities and port traffic, need candidates who will not succumb to the power of oil money for their campaigns and in return rubber stamp expansion projects such as the Tesoro refinery merger,” said Alicia Rivera, of CBE Action. “We need candidates who are truly committed to creating more alternative energy and a Just Transition for workers.”

The co-sponsoring hosts have worked for months to choose the highest priority environmental topics and have created tough and specific questions designed to reveal the candidates’ positions and policy regarding the challenges facing the harbor community. In addition, audience members will have an opportunity to ask on-topic questions. Simultaneous Spanish language translation will be offered for all who need it.

“The entire harbor area already breathes the worst air quality in Los Angeles. The related health damage our communities suffer is the reason people around here call this ‘The Sacrifice Zone.’ The issues our Environmental Forum are exposing are literally life-and-death for the people whose homes are currently part of the Toxic Tour.  Climate change is only making things worse and candidates running for office here are no longer allowed to ignore reality,” says South Bay Los Angeles 350 Organizer, Sherry Lear, of San Pedro.

Because the Harbor area of Los Angeles deals with some of the most damaging environmental impacts in the United States, including those resulting from polluting local heavy industry, the greenhouse gas emitting operations six (6) oil refineries and two of the nation’s busiest ports and truck distribution systems, all in the harbor communities, interest in the forum is expected to be statewide.

The Candidate Environmental Forum will be live-streamed with its recording available for viewing afterwards.

A well-known public figure will moderate the forum; their identity will be revealed in a separate announcement.



Ports ‘O Call Restaurant

1200 Nagoya Way, San Pedro, CA 90731

Free event, free parking


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Forum runs from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Give Me A #BreakFreeLA & Then Give Me 100% Renewables RIGHT NOW

This piece was originally posted yesterday on South Bay Los Angeles 350 Organizer, Joe Galliani’s, blog, Creative Greenius.  It is cross posted here with permission.


I’ve lived in my house in Torrance, California for 23 years now. Been in L.A. since I was 19 years old in 1976, back when then Governor Brown was telling us that we were “living in an era of diminished expectations.” He always was so ahead of the curve…


Like I say, I live in Torrance, home of the exploding Exxon Mobil refinery where our Air Quality Management District just gave the refinery operators exemptions to exceed pollution limits while they restart the aging climate wrecker back up.  

I was at the meeting where they cut the deal and I had this to say about that: Read More

Are you Excited Yet?

On May 14, 2016, thousands will converge at City Hall in downtown Los Angeles to demand that we Break Free from Fossil Fuels!  On April 16, 2016, a hearty group of volunteers with South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group got together to make beautiful art for the March.  Here are some of our results.  We used muslin to paint flags with messages that we will carry as we march.

After three hours of painting, we had some great flags, such as these!


We used black fabric to make some very dramatic flags such as these:

And we used black poster board, some stuffing, paint and tissue paper to make smoke stacks to represent the real effects of living in an area with 6 refineries and over 700 active oil wells!

We will be making some posters at our next general meeting on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 7:15 p.m., which will be held at the Torrance Airport General Aviation Center, 3301 Airport Drive Torrance, CA 90505.  You can check it out at our facebook event Here

or on Meetup.

And when we march, we will be wearing our brand new, custom t-shirts!

You can order a t-shirt at our Wednesday meeting for $19.00.  Or, you can pay for and order your t-shirts on-line for only $18.84. We need to sell 25 of them to get this price and still have a few more to go.  So, please order your t-shirt by April 23, 2016 by going to the CustomInk website!

We are so proud of the work that South Bay Los Angeles 350 has done so far and looking forward to a really great event!!

Thank you

Sherry and Joe

We Need YOU in Downtown L.A. on May 14

Our Health, Our Climate, Our Communities

On May 14, 2016 Californians will convene in Downtown L.A., home to the nation’s largest urban oil field in the United States—ground zero of California’s climate fight.

We will demand that our elected leaders put an end to the oil and gas production that threaten the state’s health, environment and future. If California wants to uphold its legacy as a global climate leader, then we must keep oil and gas in the ground as we work toward establishing a sustainable energy economy.


Break Free From Fossil Fuels, May 14, Los Angeles

Join the Action:



South Bay L.A. 350 Organizer blasts SCAQMD for Exxon Refinery Climate Killer

From the KPCC coverage:

Among the citizens speaking in opposition to the agreement at Saturday’s meeting was Joe Galliani, founding organizer of the South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group. Galliani said that, despite reassurances from ExxonMobil that the refinery is safe, the facility has yet to prove a record of safe and clean operation.

“At what point do you say, ‘No, we’re not going to give you an excuse to increase emissions when we’re already over the safety line,’ Galliani told the hearing board. “I ask you not to give this abatement, and I ask you not to reopen this plant until it’s actually safe for us to breathe the air that they pump out of that production.”

SB/LA 350 Youth Group Leaders Take on Oil Trains in San Luis Obispo

On Thursday, February 4th our South Bay Los Angeles 350 Youth Group Leaders (or the SBLA350YGL) Madison Gilmartin and Jesse Padilla (seen flanking 350 SLO leader, Heidi Harman in photo above) attended the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission hearing on the Phillips 66 proposal to dramatically modify and expand their existing rail spur to accommodate more crude oil deliveries. The following is Madison’s report and includes the video Jesse shot of Madison’s public testimony at the hearing.

Our Youth Group, joined by Port of Los Angeles High School (POLAHS) students, Sierra Club, Food and Water Watch, and other concerned LA area residents, left for San Luis Obispo (SLO) on a bus at 4:00 a.m. departing from San Pedro.

We attended day one of the two days of hearings where citizens are allowed the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions about the expansion project. Other organizations we are aligned with also present at the event included: California Nurses Association, Center for Biological Diversity, Forest Ethics, Sierra Club Santa Lucia Chapter, Surfrider Foundation San Luis Obispo Chapter, Empower Body Coalition, Heidi Harmon from 350 SLO, and EcoSlo.

Philips 66’s original plan included bringing 250 oil trains per year, about five per week. After public disapproval, they created an alternative plan of 150 oil trains per year, averaging about three per week. The alternate plan was the topic of discussion for this Planning Commission public hearing.

The Staff of Philips 66 presented their argument on why the oil train’s infrastructure should be expanded to the Santa Maria Refinery.

They first explained how Phillips 66 does not produce the oil, they just transport and sell oil and gas. They also addressed that due to the increase demand for crude oil, crude oil is “for the future.” The project also had the incentive of 12 permanent jobs and other various jobs during construction.

I was proud to help represent the Youth Group and the POLAH students, by speaking to the the Planning Commission officials during the public speaking time. Here’s the video Jesse Padilla shot of my comments:

The main points I made in my comments included:
1. The short sighted and unsustainable nature of Phillips 66 proposed expansion.
2. The pollution and degradation caused by the oil rail expansion will directly affect the Los Angeles River.
3. Generations of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students will be affected by the expansion.

The San Louis Obispo representatives will decide whether to accept or decline the Phillips 66 project in the upcoming weeks. We can only hope that they listen to the voice of the people and those of us in the younger generations.
                – Madison Gilmartin, South Bay Los Angeles 350 Youth Group Leader

Meet Naomi Klein This Wednesday Night, February 10





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