Join South Bay 350 and our Allies on July 29 2015 to Rally for Refinery Safety in Wilmington, CA.

Management at the Phillips 66 Refinery located in Wilmington has decided to combine operator jobs. South Bay 350 Climate Action Group and its allies will be joining a United Steel Workers Rally on July 29, 2015 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Phillips 66 Wilmington Refinery, located at 1660 W. Anaheim St., Wilmington, CA to protest this dangerous decision . 


At recent hearings before the California EPA, steel workers from the Wilmington Phillips 66 refinery spoke out about planned cuts to the staff of operators, putting the entire refinery and its surrounding community at risk. Wilmington already has some of the worst air quality in the United States. Gas and oil workers are more than six times more likely to die on the job and the industry is pushing for longer and longer shifts, with little rest in between and fewer skilled workers on duty. This profits over people policy will place the refinery, its workers and surrounding community in danger.

safe refineries save lives

Until we can transition from fossil fuels to clean energy (with a just transition for all industry workers), refineries will be part of our lives.  We have 6 refineries in the South Bay area.  They must operate as safely as possible.  Stand with the USW, South Bay 350 Climate Action Group, So Cal 350 Climate Action and the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance to send a message:  Safe Refineries Save Lives!

For more info and updates, check out our Facebook event:

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