SB 350 – California’s Game Changing New Laws That Will Kill E&B’s Hermosa Beach Oil Project, Stop Fracking in Carson & Whittier Hills & Throughout Los Angeles While It Makes Community Choice Power The Only Smart Money Option

Today at 1:30 pm Pacific Time, State Senate President, Kevin de Leon, stuck the fork in facking, snuffed out all hope of E&B Oil ever drilling in Hermosa Beach, erased any chance AES will ever operate a fossil fuel power plant in Redondo Beach, gave the long suffering people of Kern County a chance at a better life and sent the development momentum for South Bay Clean Power into light speed.

And he presented it all in a very neat little package which he so aptly named SB 350.

Yes. 350.

Here’s the opening two minutes of his blockbuster announcement:

SB 350 has the right sense of urgency, starting with its 15 year deadline and dramatic increases in the use or renewable energy and energy efficiency while at the same time ratcheting back the use of fossil fuels.  To those who say it’s not fast enough, we agree, but we know that with this as the starting line the standards will only be increased just as dramatically in a short period of time.  Previously the most aggressive goals we’ve heard about talked about 2050.


We expect California’s leadership on this to bring the other enlightened states along with us as we continue to show the way for the rest of the United States and the world when it comes to taking science and our childrens’ future seriously.

An overwhelming and broadly diverse coalition of other top state elected officials, leaders of industry, union leaders, job creators, home builders environmental leaders and state officials were gathered for the announcement with several making forceful statements at the podium.  You can see the 31 minute presentation here:

With the price of oil currently in the toilet and economic pressure already threatening the rogue and reckless oil and gas industries in California, today’s SB 350 announcement should be the blow to the head of the snake that sends it reeling back on defense after it’s long and relentless strikes and fanged attacks against people who enjoy civilization as we have known it. They are not yet out for the count, but they have been momentarily stunned and it’s up to us to step on the head of the snake.

2015-02-10_15-00-47We’ve been talking for years about the the clean, green, prosperous renewable energy jobs that we must create for our workers and especially for our next generations.  SB 189 is about those jobs and how sustainable they are.

And there’s even some divestment action as part of today’s announcement.  SB 185 doesn’t include oil and gas as it should, but we will take the coal divestment where we can get it and we know that when investors divest from fossil fuels and put that money into renewables they make money.  SB 185 will give them a taste.


And if you’re going to increase renewable energy to 50% of the mix then you’ll finally be meeting the current standard that Marin Clean Energy sets and which South Bay Clean Power expects to have as its baseline too.


The power of the people behind this announcement, along with the Governor already teeing these standards up during his State of the State address last month make passage of these measures a fati compli. 

The future of America’s new energy standards was just declared in Sacramento, California.  From the Golden State that gave you the Global Warming Solutions Act, this is our next act.

And the oil company dominoes will be falling from Hermosa Beach to Carson to Whittier Hills to Kern County to the West Adams District, to the East Bay, to South L.A. and all the other places the fossil fuel industry has only looked at the way mosquitos look at human blood donors.

The post fossil fuel-renwable energy future movement just got handed a power tool with which we can tear down the old and build the new.  But it’s up to us to rev this sucker up to high and get to work.

We are fired up and ready to go in the South Bay of L.A.

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