Why I’m Traveling From Coast to Coast to Be Part of the People’s Climate March

10549955_1476981442552834_769398331869834446_oToday a train with 175 climate marchers left Emeryville California up North, headed for New York City and Sunday’s massive People’s Climate March. I wish I was on it.

There are over 400 buses filled with marchers – destination NYC. I wish I was riding with them.

More than 1100 different groups and organizations across the country are coming to NYC – all to be part of the biggest mobilization of human beings on behalf of climate action in the history of the world. I’m honored to be part of one of those groups.

As the Organizer of the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group, I HAVE to be there.  Not because it’s required but because I am drawn.

I am drawn by the heat as if it were a magnet.

The heat of record temperatures, month after month, year after year.The heat that has forever altered our water supply and turned drought into the new normal.

The heat that blazes the wildfire season all year long.

The heat warming our oceans, our land and our atmosphere to the point of no return.

The heat that is cooking our planet, melting the frozen places and evaporating the future for all who come after us.

I am drawn by the heat but I will be there to put the heat on others.  

I wasn’t in Washington the last time my friends helped fill the street but I will damn well be in New York City. PCMobama01

I am going to NYC because  this is the last chance we have to reach the world’s leaders while they are all together in one place.  

Will they ignore 100,000 people in the streets? Maybe.  Would they ignore millions around the world?  They already do.

I need to add my body to that New York front line and be in those streets with everyone else who knows they need to be there.  I need to be there to see for myself just how many of us get us.  How many know how very little time we have left to do something. How many are still willing to try.

CO2 levels are at 400 and climbing and here I am working full time for 350, and having to explain what that number means because it’s ancient history now.

I have to be there in NYC because we live in the Twilight Zone where the biggest threat to ever face the human race – far worse than any weapon, war, disease or disaster ever posed – is being treated like trivia and being dismissed by people too ignorant or frightened or malevolent to respond in time to save themselves or their children.climate_march_960_high

We may only have one chance in a million to change course while there is still time.  I’ll take those odds.

We may have only a decade left to change EVERYTHING.  I’ll take that decade.

I work locally here in the South Bay of Los Angeles every day trying to beat those odds and use that time, but on Sunday I need to represent my community as part of the much larger community.  The community that has come together in a moment of flamboyant sanity.

I march for all of you I work with, who support our efforts, who are counting on us. But I especially march for my young friends and the generations who will never know a climate as well suited for civilization as we have enjoyed.

I march in frustration and anger and depressing disbelief, yet I also march in hope and optimism and the highest expectations.

My South Bay community includes Inglewood, Carson, Gardena, Hawthorne, Lomita, Lawndale and Torrance and all my brothers and sisters there who suffer from climate injustice.  Those who get the least benefits from the fossil fuel economy and bear the worst impacts.  

If there is no climate justice for them, then there is no climate justice for me.19cc34ebbaa6235e68d82244e3562450

Joe Galliani, Organizer, South Bay 350 Climate Action Group

4 Comments on “Why I’m Traveling From Coast to Coast to Be Part of the People’s Climate March

  1. Joe, in regards to the Climate, you are so full of S**T! Go to NYC, jang with your Socialist, Commie buddies, and do us all a favor, stay in NY where you belong!

    • Brenda, you’re such a perfect representative of your point of view I’m happy to publish your comment. Thanks for being too polite and demure to spell out the word SHIT. That would have really weakened your credibility.

    • Brenda,

      You can play the “see no evil, hear no evil” game all you like. Clearly the “speak no evil” part is not in your FOX news watching brainwashed-brain. Your comment to Joe, was not only uncalled for but comes from a place of ignorance that is the very vacuum the rest of us, who understand the dire implications of Global Climate Change, must fill.

      So if Joe is a commie socialist…what are you? Are you a religious patriotic American? Because you’re the one who is full of shit. Deal with reality. The science doesn’t lie.

      Go ahead and fool your already foolish self into believing the right wing media machine which is dedicated to keeping people with your myopic view uneducated about the science of climate change.

      Like it or not, it’s people like Joe who are going to save you from yourself. As the world heats up and becomes unliveable because of inaction, when your children and their children no longer have clean air or water because of our insatiable desire to burn the dirtiest fuels possible, it will be people like Joe who will have the right to say, “WE ALL COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS.”

      And quite frankly, people like you, with your level of ignorance on the subject scare me to death.

      God helps those that help themselves. WWJD? Let the next few generations suffer tremendously for our unwillingness to take on the powers that be?

      You may think Joe is a commie, but you are misinformed and vile. Nevertheless, I’ll march in your name.

      Thanks for hearing the message.
      Peace. Sanity. Humanity.

  2. Brenda sent us another Tea Bagger rant and we’ve now stuck a climate fork in that anti-American, fossil fuel funded Fox parrot. Our wish is that climate change impacts deliver the news to her personally in ways that even arrogantly ignorant sheep like her cannot deny. But until then, she can talk to the carbon hand. You can call me any ridiculous names you want, but it won’t stop me or the work I do – it’s called patriotism. And it won’t stop the karma that’s coming hard and fast to those who want the worst for our children.

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