Hermosa Beach Ready To Take Next Step Towards Community Choice Power

The City of Hermosa Beach moved this evening to keep its mantle as The Green Idea City with the news that Tuesday night’s City Council meeting will offer a resolution to participate in a Community Choice Power feasibility study.

hermosa beachThe staff report offers this analysis and recommendation:

The proposed action to participate in a feasibility study is consistent with the Council’s Strategic Plan 2019 Goal for a More Livable, Sustainable Beach City and 2014 Policy Agenda for a Municipal Carbon Neutral Action Plan and General Plan/Local Coastal Program/Blueprint for a Low Carbon Future.  

Participation of multiple jurisdictions with their combined energy consumption will increase the potential feasibility of this option, as well as the chances of obtaining grant money for a feasibility study (such as obtained by San Luis Obispo County from the California Strategic Growth Council).

The Working Group has retained a grant writer to pursue options so this burden would not fall upon Hermosa Beach. Funding from the City is not requested or committed as started in the proposed resolution.

Based on the Council’s goals and the Decision Making Tool evaluation, findings of the UCLA studies, experiences of other jurisdictions in California.

We are working with the South Bay Clean Power working group to meet with City Council members and staff in all 15 cities of the South Bay to introduce them to the concept of Community Clean Power and share the experiences of Marin Clean Energy and Sonoma Clean Power with them. 

With last weeks defeat of AB 2145 nothing now holds back the cities of the South Bay or our friends in Santa Monica, Malibu and other cities in joining with us to try to bring lower rates, local control, local jobs and investment and much cleaner power to our residents, businesses and municipalities.

 The City of Torrance already has USC’s Price School of Policy doing a study on the feasibility of a Community Choice Power program for their city this fall.   And we hope to see the City of Manhattan Beach under new Mayor, Wayne Powell, take the next step and pass a resolution calling for a feasibility study soon.  After all, the subject of Community Choice Power was first introduced in the South Bay at the March 29 MB2025 Forum.

hermosa sunset

But on Tuesday night amidst the ongoing controversy over potential oil and gas drilling and the contentious battle over the ballot language and the settlement agreement and the definition of the word “temporary” in advertising, those looking to get a glimpse into a prosperous, clean green future have the chance to see South Bay history made and the opportunity to speak out in favor of it.  



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