AB 2145 Bites The Dust in Sacramento In Huge Upset Victory!

Rocky vs Apollo Painting by Leroy Neiman; Rocky vs Apollo Art Print for saleUnderdog Rocky Balboa kicked champion Apollo Creed’s ass again at 3am on Saturday morning as Senator Darrell Steinberg banged his gavel to close the session in the California State Senate. That left Assemblyman Steven Bradford holding the bag of his now radioactive AB 2145, which failed to even find a floor manager, let alone get a vote.  (Read the Press Release)

In a dramatic upset that has hundreds of thousands across the state of California cheering, the supposed Community Choice Power killer bill, backed by the deep pockets of the monopoly utilities, a weapon wielded by one of their own, the former Public Affairs flack for Southern California Edison, instead was murdered in its sleep – and they never even saw it coming.

Wherever Bradford went to seek support, the Californians for Energy Choice coalition members followed.  Wherever Bradford went to tell his lies – and he went everywhere and lied about every aspect of this bill to the public, to the press and especially to his fellow Sacramento legislators – our truth squad followed with the facts. 

It was the facts that doomed AB 2145 and Assemblyman Bradford.  Because when he said that Community Choice Power cost more, the facts about the rates proved him wrong.  When he said Marin and Sonoma’s programs used less renewable energy the facts demolished that lie too.

mce rates Sept 14

And now the lies, and the distractions and termed out Steven Bradford are history and we celebrate our opportunity to form a 15-city Community Choice Program for the entire South Bay – and perhaps beyond.


Stay tuned for some very big news coming this month about South Bay Clean Power, our own Community Choice Power program that will save us money, create new jobs and boost our economy – all while offering a lot more renewable energy.  The fun has just begun!

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