The South Bay Opposes AB 2145

Tomorrow is the vote on the bill that is trying to kill Community Choice Power – Assembly member Steven Bradford’s AB 2145.  There is unprecedented opposition to this monopoly utility backed bill up and down the state of California, from cities, counties – including the County of Los Angeles – organizations and political groups.

Because there is such strong interest in a Community Choice Power program for our South Bay of Los Angeles there is strong opposition to this cynical bill that seeks to prevent our ability to get cheaper, cleaner energy with more local control.

That’s why the City of Hermosa Beach opposes –

July 28 Hermosa Beach AB 2145-Opposition Letter 072814-signed
That’s why the City of Manhattan Beach opposes –

MB 8-2014 opposition to AB2145 pg 1MB 8-2014 opposition to AB2145 pg2
That’s why the Beach Cities Democrats oppose –

BCD_No_On_AB_2145_Letter_7-28-14 pg1

BCD_No_On_AB_2145_Letter_7-28-14 pg2

That’s why the Palos Verdes Democrats oppose –


No_On_AB_2145_Letter_PVDems pg2

That’s why the Torrance Democrats oppose –

TDC-No_AB_2145_Letter Aug 12

TDC-No_AB_2145_Letter Aug 12 pg 2And that’s why we, the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group are not only opposed, but actively working with the statewide coalition, Californians for Energy Choice, to solicit opposition from others and kill this bill dead once and for all.  

Those of us who live and work in the South Bay, know the bill’s author, Assemblymember for the 66th Assembly District, Steven Bradford, best.  That’s why there is not a single city, a single political organization or any respected member of the South Bay community who supports his bill.

Based on our experience we know that AB 2145 is designed to do only one thing – keep our electricity bills obscenely high so that his former employer, Southern California Edison’s shareholders can profit.  

The same Southern California Edison who made terrible and costly decisions that have wasted billions of dollars on the San Onofre Nuclear Power plant that they want we ratepayers to pony up for.

The same Southern California Edison who fights property owners who want to install solar and drags their feet on adding renewable energy in the face of runaway climate change.

The same Southern California Edison who would rather put on a PR dog and pony show and lip service then put on new equipment, transmission infrastructure or the smart grid that is long overdue.

If AB 2145 is allowed to stand then we the people lose – not just our money, but our future health and well being – because there is no other tool available to us that will allow us to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy as quickly or effectively.

That’s what is at stake here.


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