Thank You Mayor DiVirgilio & Hermosa Beach!

On Tuesday of this week, June 10, there was an extraordinary presentation given by the group of UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Practicum students (seen above): Jessi Hampton, Jonathan Ho, Jessica Leigh, David Limjoco, Steven Odom, Francis Villanueva, and Adrian Salazar who all collaborated over six months with advisor Juan Matute, the director of the UCLA Local Climate Change Initiative at the Luskin School of Public Affairs to complete the report which you can read here.

The students made the convincing case for why Hermosa Beach should join with other South Bay cities to form a CCC, a Community Choice Aggregation program that would allow those of us in the community to choose where our energy comes from, how much of it is renewable energy and what the rules are for how we generate our energy here in the South Bay.  Those of you who have been working us with MB2025 learned about CCAs from Sonoma Clean Power’s Cordel Stillman and his presentation just a month before the Sonoma program launched.

The students also recommended that the City of Hermosa Beach opposed the CCA killing bill, AB 2145, (written by the investor owned utility companies and rammed through the California Assembly on a deluge of lies and scam jobs).  Mayor Michael DiVirgilio wasted no time in taking action and making that opposition real and sent this letter on Thursday to Senator Ted Lieu and the members of the committees hearing the bill:

Hermosa Beach AB 2145-Opposition letter-signed

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