“Green” Port of Long Beach Votes To Export Dirty Coal for Next 15-20 Years

Here’s what we told the Commissioners of the Port of Long Beach regarding their now approved 15-20 year lease for coal and coke pet exporting as bulk materials, shipped to the port and out of it uncovered to spread its toxic waste wherever it goes.

Here are the facts the Green Port Commissioners ignored:

1.4 million tons of coal per year is exported through the Port of Long Beach to China and India. This is coal mined in Colorado and Utah.

Because coal burned anywhere on the planet contributes to climate change, exporting our coal to other countries not only undermines any progress the U.S. has made to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, it undermines our values as well.

The Port of Long Beach was on June 9 hearing the second reading of their new agreement with two separate companies that handle the coal export operations at the Port—the Metropolitan Stevedore Company and Oxbow Carbon (the head of which is William Koch, one of the infamous Koch brothers).

We were there asking the Port to stop the dirty business of exporting coal. The Port is a public entity and it operates as part of the public trust. It is unacceptable for the so-called Green Port to be facilitating the burning of coal abroad, and not only that, making money off it along the way.

The Port’s Board of Harbor Commissioners would up voting unanimously to approve the new lease despite our objections.

READ the background story on NRDC Switchboard 

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