Hands Across The Sand – Defending Our Beaches From Hell & High Water

95 degrees redondoWhat a week!  And it’s not over yet.

First of all it’s hotter than hell even at the shoreline here in the South Bay of Los Angeles and wildfire season has begun in May instead of the formerly “normal” October.

West Antarctic Ice Shelfs collapsing, pollution and ozone levels headed 70% worse than they are now, a batshit crazy Senator from the early adopter of sea level rise state of Florida, announcing that he doesn’t believe the science, and right here in our own backyard, E&B Oil, spinning at Tasmanian Devil level revolutions its truly Orwellian message of how safe, healthy and profitable it is for Hermosa Beach to overturn their longterm ban on oil drilling because the modern technology is better for the kids in town then no drilling at all is.

And then this morning, just as the song itself predicted, old Jed Clampet himself must have been out shooting at some food, cause up from the ground came a bubblin’ crude, oil that is, Texas Tea, right there next to the strip club in good old Atwater Village.  

Inspiring video after the jump…

And how very embarrassing for the climate wrecking oil company that never has a comment on things like our own federal government’s recent dire climate assessment or the most up to date UN IPCC report or any legitimate science that isn’t a by-product of the rogue industry represented by the American Petroleum Industry and the other climate denier funding ATMs.

But on the other hand, the weekend starts tomorrow, it’s going to be cooled off by Saturday and you can do something about all of the above right here on the beach we all love so much and want to protect.  Come on down to the Hermosa Beach Pier at 10 am and bring the whole family.  Our friends at Surfrider Foundation, South Bay Chapter; Heal the Bay, and Keep Hermosa Hermosa have all teamed up to do the most fun beach clean up ever.  We will make the beach better than we found it and then we’ll join hands and stretch as far as the eye can see for Hands Across the Sand.



And then stay for the sure to be a blast – Bite At the Beach Fundraiser sponsored by our friends at the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce to benefit Surfrider Foundation!  Talk about a perfect South Bay Beach Day.  

Make your plans today and come on down to show everyone how much you love our South Bay beaches and want them protected for our children and their children to come!


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