Wendy Greuel Endorses MB2025

greuel-clinton-langers-garyThis morning, Wendy Greuel, candidate for Congress in this California 33rd Congressional District, issued the following statement in support of MB2025:

“I strongly support and wholeheartedly endorse the mission and goals of MB2025, which would move Manhattan Beach from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy in 10 years. I applaud the efforts of the many stakeholders – the citizens, activists, community and business leaders and elected officials who are coming together to make this goal a reality. Manhattan Beach and the South Bay are leading the way and serve as an example for other cities and states to follow. The MB2025 campaign recognizes that it will take all of us to take these bold necessary steps to tackle climate change head on.


Climate change is a real and present threat. In Congress, I will work to pass a national carbon reduction goal, fight to end subsidies for oil companies and fossil fuels, and invest in clean, renewable technologies. It’s important for both our environmental and economic future: moving to renewable energy will reduce our carbon pollution and create new, green jobs.”

Henry Waxman, the current Representative in the House serving the 33rd Congressional District is retiring after 40 legendary years in Congress and endorsed MB2025 in this video message to the MB2025 Forum held in Manhattan Beach on March 29, 2014


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