Introducing the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group Advisory Board

When we sought to get the advice and counsel of the best and brightest of the South Bay on climate issues and how we need to respond to them, we looked for people with years of relevant experience who understand and keep up with the science.  

People who have been environmental leaders and champions here in our own communities.  People with the courage and convictions to speak the truth about the state of our climate and what needs to be done locally about it.

People we know and trust and have personally worked with.

We are proud to say that is exactly who makes up the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group Advisory Board.  You can read more about them on our Advisory Board page.

bill brand
Bill Brand, Redondo Beach City Council , District 2
Craig Cadwallader, Chairperson, Surfrider Foundation South Bay
sona at Strand garden
Sona Kalapura Coffee, Environmental Programs Manager, City of Manhattan Beach
jeff duclos
Jeff Duclos, Former Councilman, City of Hermosa Beach; South Coast alternate to the California Coastal Commission
adam cropped
Adam Gerard, Director, Tree Musketeers, City of Manhattan Beach Environmental Task Force
Kathleen350 day
Kathleen Jacecko, Founder/Director of TeachingGreen
Lisa Ryder Moore, Sustainable Programs Consultant, City of Hermosa Beach Green Task Force Committee Chair
diane cropped
Diane Moss, Founding Director at Renewables 100 Policy Institute, former Environmental Deputy to Congresswoman Jane Harman
Dency Nelson, Environmental Activist, Founding member Plug In America, co-founder Hermosa Beach Carbon Neutral City movement, grand prize winner Los Angeles County “Earth Month Heroes”

The role of the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group Advisory Board is to provide advice, direction and counsel on our 350 chapter’s campaigns, initiatives, strategic direction, communications, science facts and messaging, public events and coalition partnerships.

If you want to know what these people stand for and believe, our Advisory Board members support and endorse the following:

South Bay 350 Climate Action Group believes that if it is wrong to wreck the climate it is wrong to profit from it

South Bay 350 Climate Action Group believes that our remaining carbon budget dictates that 60-80% of oil, coal and gas must be kept in the ground to avoid a two degree global temperature rise.

South Bay 350 believes that under our current rate of emissions our carbon budget will be reached in 12-20 years

South Bay 350 believes in a fossil free 100% renewable energy powered response to climate change

The South Bay 350 Climate Action Group’s primary current campaigns are:

1. Support for the elimination of the AES Power Plant in Redondo Beach and the efforts of No Power Plant

2. Support for continuing the ban on oil drilling in Hermosa Beach and working with Stop Hermosa Beach Oil/Keep Hermosa Hermosa

3.  Support for MB2025 – a 100% renewable powered Manhattan Beach by 2025

4.  A call for the beach cities of Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach Torrance, and El Segundo  to divest from any financial investments in fossil fuel as part of the 350 divest campaign. In addition to divesting from city financial investments over the next 5 years South Bay 350 is calling for the divestment of these same cities’ fossil fuel physical infrastructure before our remaining carbon budget runs out.

With so little time left to make the transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy, and the issues right here in our own South Bay communities directly impacting whether we give our children and their children a fighting chance, these are the men and women you want at your side fighting on behalf of a brighter, cleaner future.

I wouldn’t bet against them.

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