Our Man In Africa – Duclos, Jeff Duclos

segregation still lives Duclos

Jeff took this photo shortly after arriving in South Africa.

South Bay 350 Advisory Board member, and former Hermosa Beach City Councilman, Jeff Duclos is currently in Johannesburg, South Africa at Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps training.

We asked Jeff to file reports while he’s across the globe about his experiences and here’s the first of them received this morning:

Sitting in New York’s Kennedy Airport passing time reading National Geographic travel guide. “Alert travelers go with a purpose and leave with a benefit,” it says. The term it uses to describe this approach is “Geotourism,” tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place — its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and well-being of its residents. I haven’t heard of this term before, but i embrace it completely and will never say the words “Eco Tourism” again. 

About to embark on my first day of training. Arrived yesterday at around 8:00 AM, following 14 hours in flight, not counting a four hour flight to New York as a warm-up. I prepared myself as best i could for this journey: bought extra cushions, got a sports massage on the day of departure, drank lots and lots of water, and the like. I feel good today, so it seems to have helped fending off the effects of what is called “climatizing” from the changes in pressure and time zone and the attendant stresses on mind and body.

I got to thinking last night that it is in some way analogous to how many mentally confront “climatizing” to the mounting effects of global warming. They cross each scientific warning of the building toll, of the impending cliff we are approaching, as if it were a time zone, with no or scant acknowledgement to its passing. Yet they can’t deny they feel the effects of not prepairing for it or acting on the news. They become lagged-out; dulled by inner conflict or abject denial; on a plane and a journey to a destination they’d rather not think about, unaware, perhaps unsure, , some still unwilling to join with other to change the piloted direction to a better course.

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