This Carbon Budget Trumps Your Holiday Spending Budget

Bill McKibben told us in 2012 in his Do the Math piece in Rolling Stone we had 16 years left before we used up our carbon budget and hit the 2 degrees Celsius rise in global temperatures scientists have warned us was the point of no return.  Some reports give us till 2040 to reach our budget, some till 2030.

EMRG Carbon Budget

This chart from the Energy and Materials Research Group at Simon Fraser University gave us 13 years back in 2012.  That would make it 11-12 years now.  

No matter how you look at it we’re going to use up that budget fast.  Faster than you ever dreamed of.  Which is why right now, today, we have to start cutting fuel that emits greenhouse gas and switch to the renewable forms of energy we already have ready to go.  We have the tools we need to stave off the worst impacts if we start acting now.

This budget and its sense of urgency is why the AES fossil fuel power in Redondo Beach must go and why no drilling for oil in Hermosa Beach can be allowed.

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