Business As Usual Is Over Here

Carbon emissions are on course to set new records in 2013 and with the damage those emissions will do are also set in stone.

That’s just another reason why business as usual is over in the South Bay and why local governments will be directed by the people to not only divest of their investments in fossil fuels but also get rid of their city’s physical fossil fuel burners, like the AES power plant in Redondo Beach.

The institutions of our ruling world have a powerful stake in the mad momentum of climate change — the energy system that’s producing it and the political stasis that sustains and guarantees it — so powerful as to seem unbreakable. Don’t count on them to avert the coming crisis. They can’t. In some sense, they are the crisis.

Corporations and governments promote the burning of fossil fuels, which means the dumping of its waste product, carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere where, in record amounts, it heats the planet. This is not an oversight; it is a business model.

Governments collude with global warming, in part by bankrolling the giant fossil fuel companies (FFCs). As a recent report written by Shelagh Whitley for the Overseas Development Institute puts it,

“Producers of oil, gas, and coal received more than $500 billion in government subsidies around the world in 2011… If their aim is to avoid dangerous climate change, governments are shooting themselves in both feet. They are subsidizing the very activities that are pushing the world towards dangerous climate change, and creating barriers to investment in low-carbon development and subsidy incentives that encourage investment in carbon-intensive energy.”

Excerpt from:

How to Reverse a Slow-Motion Apocalypse
Why the Divestment Movement Against Big Energy Matters
By Todd Gitlin

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